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Friday, July 14, 2017

More Quick Trips

While harvesting wheat this year, I scared a duck out of the field!  I think that was a first.  We were able to get the wheat out in a timely manner and get some straw baled, so we quickly drilled some double crop soybeans in half of the field.  The wheat yield was good, but not as good as we had hoped for.  Maybe the soybeans will add some value.  They have emerged already and we seem to have a good stand.

Look at all of that beautiful gluten!

The Japanese Beetles are back with a vengeance this year, and they seemed to really like our early apples.  We quickly picked some for the old farmer's wife to make a batch of apple sauce, and then I decided I had better spray all of my fruit trees and some ornamentals.  Usually the beetles just strip the leaves, but this year they helped themselves to the fruit.

On Wednesday after chores, we took off for Chicago to pick up Son #2 at O'Hare Airport.  He had been on a backpacking/hiking trip to Iceland.  We got to Chicago early and then received the message that his flight was delayed a couple of hours, so we did a little shopping to kill some time.  We stopped at three of my favorite outdoors stores (LL Bean, Cabela's, and REI) as well as a used book store.  We got home at 9:00 and I still had to do chores.  It made for a long day.

Thursday was the big day.

My cousin Jay (and wife Holly) lost their son Luke in a tragic car accident.  News article is here, and obituary here.  We wanted to attend the funeral and it seemed like the best way for us was to fly, since Peoria has a nonstop flight into Minneapolis-St. Paul.  We bought our tickets and reserved a rental car.  Our early morning flight was delayed an hour and a half, so we were worried that we wouldn't get to the church on time for the 11:00 funeral.  We landed at MSP at 9:20 and met cousin Virg (who was going to ride with us) in the baggage area.  Virg, a seasoned traveler and familiar with MSP, guided us through the airport and helped us get our rental car.  We were on the road for the hour trip to the church in Elk River by 10:00 and pulled into the church parking lot at 10:56.  We were the last ones to file past the casket, and found our saved seats, and the service began.  That was cutting it close!
Our prayers go out to Jay, Holly, and twin sister Morgan (and all parents who lose children).  He was a nice, fun loving, respectful young man.  And a great outdoors-man.  As the pastor mentioned several times, "Luke caught more fish in his 21 years than most of us will catch in a lifetime"!  He loved to tell, and it was fun listening to, his hunting and fishing stories.  The pastor began the service by saying Luke's faith and life made it easy to preach his funeral sermon.
I hope they can say that about me some day.

Coming home was a little more relaxing.  Despite heavy traffic in the cities, we had plenty of time to drive back to the airport, fill the tank, turn in the car, eat supper, and find our gate.  Enough time to stroll around some of the shops and catch a catnap.  We were back in Peoria by 10:00.  We were worn out, but thankful we were able to be there.

The fishers also shall mourn, and all they that cast angle into the brooks shall lament, and they that spread nets upon the waters shall languish.
Isaiah 19:8


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